Antarctica Holidays

Antarctic Holidays

Most people prefer to visit tropical, warm locations where they can relax and soak in the sun.


Other people are a bit more adventurous when it comes to vacations. Recently, Antarctic holidays have been gaining popularity. Trips to Antarctica are very unique, and provide a breathtaking sightseeing experience in a quiet, relaxing environment. Though the weather in Antarctica is extremely cold, you will have the benefit of being aboard a warm, comfortable cruise ship. Below you’ll find some interesting things that an Antarctic vacation can offer you.

Majestic Sightseeing

Roughly 98% of Antarctica is covered in ice. Though the terrain is simple, it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s nothing more humbling than cruising under a massive iceberg that’s bigger than the boat you’re on. And the simple volume of the sights you can see from a single location will awe you. Since Antarctica is not very mountainous, and the land is flat for the most part, you can pretty much see forever. On a clear day, you can see things clearly that are several miles away. On the other hand, a stormy day might leave you in a thick fog, unable to see anything more than 50 feet in front of you. Either way, there is plenty to see in Antarctica, especially if you take a large commercial cruise ship that will take you near all the best things to see.

Innovative Wildlife in Antarctica

The animals in Antarctica have been forced to adapt to the ridiculously harsh environment, or die. The result has been a few species of extremely smart, innovative animals. Animal lovers will love Antarctic holidays because of the things you will see these intelligent creatures doing. For instance, during storms, hundreds or sometimes thousands of penguins will group together in a massive circle, and shelter each other from the wind. The wind in Antarctica can reach speeds of up to 200 mph, and of course the temperature is always in the negatives, so penguins often cannot survive alone during storms. Seals are also extremely adaptive in the Arctic. When being chased by a whale, their only real predator besides poachers, they will use their superior speed and maneuverability to outsmart the whale and tire it out, while it searches for a chunk of ice or something else to save it from the hungry whale. If you’re lucky enough to see a whale stalking its prey, try to record it – it’s sure to be an interesting video!

Affordable Travel in Antarctica

Since Antarctic holidays are not extremely popular yet, the rates for these vacations are reasonable. Of course the cost of the actual voyage doesn’t vary much – in fact it probably costs most cruise company’s more to run Antarctic cruises than any other cruises. But since there is less demand, they can’t jack up prices and still expect people to pay. Today, there are enough commercial and private cruise lines running boats to Antarctica that you’ll have the opportunity to shop around and find the best deals for your Antarctic holiday.


Antarctica Holidays