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Antarctica Cruise

Ever since the popular vacation destinations have been getting overcrowded, people have started to look for alternative vacation destinations.


When you think of a cruise or vacation, the last thing that probably comes to your mind is Antarctica. However, many people have been on an Antarctica cruise at least once, and the popularity is rising steadily. I believe that Antarctica is attractive to travelers because it’s new and relatively unexplored, and it’s extremely peaceful and calm (when there’s not a storm!) Below you’ll find some information on Antarctica cruises.

Affordable and Fun Antarctica Cruises

Because an Antarctica cruise is not as demanded as a Caribbean cruise, the rates for the passage will not be too high. The rates vary widely according to the time of year, as well as what cruise company you choose and when you book your tickets. But even in the middle of summer when the tourist season is at its height, Antarctica cruise costs are not high at all. This is probably because Antarctica has a very small tourism rate, with only about 30,000 people visiting each summer.

See the Antarctica Continent

Antarctica is widely unexplored, and the average person knows very little about it. If you’re at all interested in the area, you’ll love cruising through on a luxury cruise boat. An Antarctica cruise is the best, if not the only, way to explore the beautiful continent. Obviously you can’t just drive through Antarctica, and you’d be insane to try to head out far on foot, so the only real way to get a good look at your surroundings – without fighting for your life – is to take an Antarctica cruise.

A Silent Land

When there is not a storm brewing in the Antarctic skies, you will notice a severe silence. The low level of wildlife, coupled with the fact that the entire continent is covered in snow and ice, make for very quiet days. Plus, there is no indigenous population, nor is there a government. Everyone that goes to Antarctica is either a tourist on an Antarctica cruise, or a scientist at a research base. At any given time there will rarely be more than 5,000 people on the whole continent, and that includes scientists. And, to put it in perspective, Antarctica is about the size of Australia.

Long Sunny Antarctica Days

During the summer in Antarctica, days last forever. There is about 20 hours of daylight at the height of the summer, and since the light bounces off of the ice and snow, it always looks brighter than it is. This constant light gives you the chance to see everything from an Antarctica cruise. You can see most of the interesting sights from the boat, and the ones you can’t, you can see when the boat lands. Most Antarctica cruise boats land at least once or twice during the journey, usually at safe places where tourists can wander about and explore the continent on foot.


Antarctica Cruise