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Antarctica is a continent shrouded in mystery. Not only does nobody actually live there full-time, there never has been a native population as far as we know.


Because of this, the history of the area is very unclear, as are the legends and myths. There have never been stories and knowledge passed down through generations, because there has never been anyone there to tell stories. Recently, we have begun to explore Antarctica. With advancements in technology and an increase in government research funding, we are now able to conduct scientific research in Antarctica, and fully explore it. If you have any interest in Antarctica, it would serve you well to take a trip there and explore Antarctica for yourself.

Antarctica A Land of Records

Antarctica holds quite a few records. Not only is it the coldest, driest, and windiest of all the continents, it’s also one of the strangest. With about 98% of Antarctica covered in ice, it is estimated that the ocean would rise by an amazing 200+ feet everywhere if all the Antarctic ice melted. Antarctica has about 90% of the world’s ice, and therefore about 70% of its fresh water. The average thickness of the Antarctic ice sheet is about 1 mile. To put thing in perspective, the biggest iceberg to break free of the ice sheet was roughly the size of Connecticut, but it barely made a dent in the overall ice sheet.

Antarctica An Interesting Landscape

Though Antarctica is pretty much just ice, its landscape is much more interesting than you might think. When you travel to explore Antarctica, you’ll discover the subtle and obvious changes in the terrain. As you travel through the cold Antarctic waters, the scenery around you will change slowly. As you travel further south, the temperature will drop, causing the terrain to become even harsher. You will also see the wildlife changing fairly rapidly. Depending on the season, you should see penguins, seals, whales, and tons of birds. The deeper you get into Antarctica, the less animals you’ll see. As far as plants go, there are very few species that can survive the cold. Unless you’re an expert you probably won’t even spot most of the feeble plant life of Antarctica, so focus instead on the amazing views and the innovative wildlife.

Antarctica A New Frontier

Though scientists are hired by governments from all over the world to explore Antarctica, it is still considered a new frontier by many people. This is because it’s relatively unexplored, and completely undeveloped. There are no people living there, very few permanent buildings, and virtually no infrastructure minus a series of government research stations. The only people that go to Antarctica are tourists and scientists. The laws of the Antarctica treaty say that no country can develop, fish, or mine the land of Antarctica, so it remains in its pristine state. If you want to explore Antarctica, do it today before things change and this beautiful land is damaged.



Explore Antarctica