Antarctica Holidays

Antarctica Family Holidays

Going on vacation is something most families try to do at least once a year. In a tough economy, some families might wait 2 or 3 years between vacations, but they still go eventually.


Vacations are not only very fun and exciting, they’re also pretty much essential to our well-being. If you’re doing the exact same thing every day – whether that’s work, school, or whatever else, it’s going to slowly drive you insane if you don’t take a break. The problem is finding a destination that the whole family will like, and that won’t cause you to go bankrupt. Antarctica family holidays are gaining popularity for just those reasons: they’re affordable, and the whole family can enjoy them.

Antarctic Cruises

One of the best types of Antarctica family holidays are cruises. Nowadays, several large cruise lines run cruises to Antarctica, and even more smaller companies take part as well. As the popularity of Antarctica family holidays increases, so will the availability of cruises to the area. Currently, you should be able to choose from at least 3-4 different cruise ships, probably from 2-3 different companies. At mid-summer (which is January/February in Antarctica) there might be more boats than that, and there will be much less in the off-season. If you’re interested in taking an Antarctic cruise, I recommend traveling in December or January. This is the beginning of the travel season there, and it should be less crowded than mid-summer. Going at any other time of the year than December-March is insane, as the temperatures are ridiculously low.

Antarctic Tours

If sitting on a cruise ship for your entire vacation is not something that appeals to you, then you should consider hiring a tour guide. Though expensive, a tour guide can show you the Antarctica that you’d normally never see. Tour guides are experts, and have usually been doing the same thing for many years. Because of this, they know all the best spots to visit, and all the best routes to get there. Plus, they’re survival experts, which means you won’t have to worry much about the elements when you’re with one. If you take an Antarctica family holiday and end up hiring a tour guide, be sure to ask questions and get your money worth. Your guide is a wealth of information: use him or her!

Antarctic Day Trips

If you’d rather not make your Antarctic expedition a full vacation, there are some companies that offer day trips.  These are usually fly-ins. You will sign up for whatever trip you want, and then be dropped off by a float plane near your destination. Depending on the tour company and the price you paid, you may or may not get a tour guide. You will then explore the area for a day, or sometimes a few days if you’re ready to set up camp. Once you’re done, you will be picked up by the same plane, or you will rendezvous with a cruise ship and continue on from there.


Antarctica Family Holidays