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Vacations are great. Everyone loves taking a break from life and relaxing in a place that they love.


However, after a while the same old vacation destinations tend to get a little old. Plus, the more popular a destination is the more money you’ll have to pay to have a good time there. Towns with tourism-driven economies mark up prices on EVERYTHING, because they know that tourists will pay the extra cost because they’re not at home. Personally, I like taking vacations to places off the beaten path. Recently, my friend took an Antarctica tour, which got me thinking about visiting the great Southern continent as well.

Antarctica A Beautiful Land

Antarctica is a majestic, beautiful continent. The cold Arctic breeze blows constantly over the ice-covered continent, blowing whatever surface snow and ice is around up into the air. The continent’s innovative wildlife, when you can spot them, behave in very interesting ways. Every living thing that exists in Antarctica has learned to survive in any way they can. On an Antarctica tour, you’ll be able to witness the majestic wildlife firsthand, without exposing yourself to the bitter cold of the area.

Relaxing Trips in Antarctica

If you take an Antarctica tour, you will be able to see all the sights of Antarctica, all from the safety and warmth of a cruise ship. You literally can’t get closer to the sights of Antarctica without actually landing and exploring, which most people don’t want to do. The average temperature in the SUMMER in Antarctica is in the negatives, so obviously you wouldn’t want to explore the continent on foot. Taking an Antarctica tour is by far the best way to experience the area. In fact, unless you’re a survival professional, it might be the ONLY way to really experience Antarctica.

An Affordable Antarctica Alternative

As was mentioned in the first part of the article, prices in tourist-heavy areas are extremely high. Airfare to these places is also more expensive, because there is more demand to travel there. Antarctica is far from a popular vacation destination. Because of this, prices are cheaper. An Antarctica cruise will cost you roughly half – if not less – than a Caribbean cruise would cost. Since there are no stores in Antarctica, we can’t really compare the prices of everyday items. If you’re looking for an affordable vacation this year, be sure to consider an Antarctica cruise!

A Number of Choices in Antarctica

Though the Antarctic travel industry is not a large one, there are still a number of choices available to you to visit the area. Cruises are the obvious choice, and there are many companies who run trips to Antarctica. Most of these companies also have a few different boats to choose from, which leave at different times and sometimes take different routes. Another choice is to fly in. These fly-ins take you for day trips on the land, or they rendezvous with cruise ships and drop you off there.


Antarctica Tour