Antarctica Holidays

Cheap Antarctica Holidays

Antarctica is not one of the more popular vacation destinations, but each year more and more people decide to visit the beautiful land.


As interest in Antarctic holidays rose, so did prices. In the beginning, it cost almost nothing to tour Antarctica. But as interest grew, larger commercial companies took over, and charged whatever they wanted to. Now that some of that rush is over, competition among travel companies has helped the prices level out to a more reasonable level. If you’re interested in cheap Antarctica holidays, read the tips below to help you get the best deal.

Keep Your Mind Open

Most Antarctic trips are by cruise ship. However, that doesn’t mean that that’s going to be the cheapest method of travel. If you’re set on a cruise, be prepared to pay for one. If you’re more flexible, you might be pleasantly surprised and discover an alternative travel option that costs less. For instance, there are companies that offer fly-ins to Antarctica, but only for a few days. These trips are cheaper than the longer cruise trips, and you get to experience Antarctica hands-on with a professional guide. The nicer the vacation is the more it’s going to cost, so keep that in mind.

Browse Antarctica Travel Sites

The Internet is one of your best resources for research. You can research literally anything, including vacation packages. The nice thing about online travel sites is that they can offer extremely cheap Antarctica holidays. Since the demand for trips to the area is not constant, there are often empty rooms left on cruises that are leaving port soon. Rather than leave the rooms empty, the cruise companies will often offer those rooms at a fraction of the full cost. To get customers, they usually partner up with online travel sites. There is probably no better way to find cheap Antarctica holidays than to look around online. Be sure to take your time as well, as there are hundreds of travel sites to choose from, and thousands of individual packages and departure dates to select from as well.

Travel Near the End of Antarctica’s Tourist Season

With most other places, people will tell you that in order to save money, you should travel during the off-season. Well, in Antarctica that’s hardly possible. The temperature there is so cold during the winter that very few, if any, companies actually run trips there. Keep in mind that the summer in Antarctica is not the same months as the summer in most other places. In Antarctica, the summer months, and therefore the prime travel months, are December through March. Keep these months in mind when planning your vacation, and try to travel either at the very beginning of the time period, or the very end. The colder it is in Antarctica the more you’ll be able to save on your fare, so if you can stand the cold, you might want to consider traveling even later in the season.

Cheap Antarctica Holidays