Antarctica Holidays

Travel to Antarctica

Traveling the world has always been the goal of many, many people. Most people have specific destinations that they’d like to visit, while others would rather just see


as many sites as possible. One continent that doesn’t really come up much when tourists talk about their travels is Antarctica. People rarely travel to Antarctica, and the ones that do are usually going for scientific research. However, more and more people are starting to travel to Antarctica for pleasure. The unexplored terrain, wild winters and long days add up to a completely unique and different travel experience.

Cruises in Antarctica

Taking a cruise is arguably the best way to travel to Antarctica. Aboard a cruise ship, you can see all the beautiful sights there are to see, while in a warm, sheltered area. Even in the summer, average temperatures in Antarctica are negative, so suffice it to say that it’s ALWAYS cold. You will appreciate the warmth and entertainment aboard the cruise, while you sail through ice-covered, pristine waters. And, when you get a chance to stop and get off the ship, you’ll be able to experience Antarctica hands-on. Most cruises that go through Antarctic waters stop at least one or two times, at safe places where passengers can get out and explore. Certain summer time cruises stop more often, while other cruises don’t stop at all, and are simply sightseeing trips.

Private Yachts In Antarctica

Riding on a private yacht is probably the best way to travel to Antarctica, but it’s not exactly realistic for most people. Unless you’re a millionaire, you probably don’t own a yacht, and even if you do, it’s probably not anywhere near Antarctica. However, if you ever get the chance to tour Antarctica on a yacht, take the opportunity, regardless of the cost. There is simply no better way to explore the vast waters than by taking a yacht. You can go wherever you want, stop whenever you want, and do whatever you want. It’s like a cruise, but there are no rules and you don’t have to wait for everyone else in order to do what you want to do. Keep in mind that Antarctic waters can be rough and are often covered with chunks of ice, so you’ll need a large, durable yacht in order to stay safe.

Antarctica Fly-Ins

Another way to travel to Antarctica is to fly in. Certain companies charter hydroplanes to fly people into the outskirts of Antarctica. When the boat lands, you’ll either get out and explore for a while and re-board, or get out and set up camp, and be picked up at a later date. Trying to survive in Antarctic weather is something only professionals should attempt, even if it’s mid-summer. Fly-ins are not cheap, and they’re also not for amateurs. In reality, very few citizens actually fly in to Antarctica. Most people participating in fly-ins are scientists and researchers headed to various research camps throughout the continent.


Travel to Antarctica