Antarctica Holidays

Holidays to the Arctic

The Arctic is a cold, dry place that few people visit. It’s barren, ridiculously cold, and has little wildlife. Because of these factors, the Arctic is not a very popular vacation


destination. However, more and more people are taking holidays to the Arctic, and each year the number of tourists grows. There are probably several reasons for this, but mainly it’s because the Arctic region is relatively unexplored, and that’s attractive to people. Also, Arctic vacations cost only a fraction of a tropical vacation, due to the travel costs and inflated tourist prices in popular destinations. If you’re thinking about a holiday to the Arctic, read below for some helpful tips.

Take a Cruise I nAntarctica

Arctic cruises are gaining popularity rapidly. The reasons for this increase are not fully understood, but travel experts attribute the increase in demand to a rise in interest concerning new lands. As we get more and more technologically advanced and discover newer and cooler things, there becomes less to fascinate about and “discover”. Places like the Arctic have always been shrouded in mystery, mainly because the harsh environment restricts travel and exploration. Today, you can cruise to the Arctic easily through a number of companies. You will get to see the amazing sights, the innovative wildlife, and much more, all from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship. You can experience the bitter cold and brutal winds – and then you can go inside and warm up in a cozy bed. A cruise is one of the best holidays to the Arctic that I can think of.

Go in Early Summer

Since the Arctic is such a cold region, the time of year you travel there during is very important. Generally summer and early fall are considered the tourist season for the Arctic. I recommend going in early summer. The temperatures in early summer are warm enough to deal with, and there are not as many people. Thousands of people travel to the Arctic during mid and late-summer, so the earlier you go the better off you’ll be. Traveling in the off-season (winter, and late fall/early spring) is unwise. First of all, most commercial cruise lines don’t even run ships during those times. Second of all, it’s ridiculously cold. Average temperatures in the SUMMER are still in the negative teen’s, so you can imagine what the average winter temperatures are like. If you’re like the many people nowadays taking holidays to the Arctic, then you should plan ahead early enough to reserve tickets in early summer.

Do Some Research

The Arctic is an amazing place, with tons of stuff to see. Most cruise ships will take you near all the main sights, but sometimes you have to know what you’re looking for in order to really experience the Arctic. I recommend doing some research on the area, including wildlife and it’s habits, plant life, ice movements, etc. The more you know before you go, the more fun you’ll have on your holiday to the Arctic.


Holidays to the Arctic